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Window and Door Restoration Services

Single to Dual Pane Conversion

For businesses and homeowners, converting from single to double pane can deliver one of the largest returns on investment, saving year-round costs for heating and cooling. Our team manages your unique conversion using modern technologies and energy conserving materials to insulate for heat, cold, and sound while diligently preserving the building or home’s character.

window curved half moon frame
octagon window frame

Historic Restoration of Doors & Windows

Historic restoration of windows and doors embrace the aesthetics and design of the past while ensuring a sustainable future with tools, technology, and high-quality materials and finishes. Our team delivers solutions for energy conservation and noise reduction matching the integrity of your historic design and structure.

Historically Matched Windows & Doors

Designing and crafting perfectly matched, energy-efficient windows and doors is one of our specialties. Providing a deep understanding of materials, finishes, hardware, and structural components, our team balances the art and science of restoration, giving our clients beautifully matched and sustainable solutions for generations to come.

white oval custom window frame
weather stripping

Weather Sealing & Stripping

Your weather sealing/stripping project is unique to location, materials, and situation. Multiple factors play into the best solution. Leveraging our experience, our team shares options and delivers multiple approaches to tighten air transfer gaps and deliver maximized savings for overall energy costs.

Replacement Glass

Over time, failed glass and seals allow moisture to seep into wood, causing rot and mildew. Replacing matching panes are the best defense against the elements. The Pinnacle team delivers these services to extend the life of your windows and doors and maintain the architectural style of your project. Masterfully finished, the end result is a strong defense against weather elements for years to come.

replacement glass
replacement glass project

Replacement Windows

As structures settle, the angles of windows and doors can change, and in some cases leave a gap or hole that can cause a myriad of issues. We thoroughly investigate the character and angles of your window project and provide a stable and long lasting solution.