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Historic Restoration of Doors & Windows

Love your beautifully crafted windows and doors, but frustrated and cold with the drafts and price of heating loss? Our team excels at restoring your windows and doors to be efficient, modern and preserved in quality, construction and beauty.

Our Process

Every Pinnacle restoration starts with a meticulous inventory and assessment of existing windows and doors. This first step salvages as much of the valuable original, old-growth wood as possible.

Sections to be replaced are thoughtfully recreated with either old-growth stock or African Mahogany, naturally acidic and resistant to decay. The final piece, recreated with time and talent, is beautifully crafted to open long into the future.

octagon window frame
2 wooden doors in progress

The Results

The majority of projects at Pinnacle are dedicated to historic restoration. Beyond energy conservation, noise reduction and enhanced property values, clients want integrity. Integrity in historic design, built from dependable materials and delivered within a specified time frame.

With decades of experience, they craft historic solutions for today’s projects. From inquiry to install, the team specializes defining and adding value to the next generation of historic windows and doors.